The ancient Maya were a deeply spiritual people, aligning their individual and communal lives with those of the energies of the deities they worshipped as well as the natural and celestial worlds. The living Maya today carry on this strong cultural and spiritual tradition of their ancestors.

Our fast-paced modern society couldn't be further removed from the world of the Maya, but they care just as deeply about the important themes and milestones of their lives as we do. Birth, love and marriage, success and good health were, and still are, greatly cherished and marked by special rites and customs.

Now, you can send special Mayan e-cards celebrating these sacred elements of life to your loved ones, friends and colleagues. Beautifully designed and carefully researched, we hope our e-cards will inspire you to share the spirit of sacred Mayan energies with the people in your life.

Here are mini-previews of the Mayan Sacred Birthday and the Love & Abundance e-card designs available; to see larger previews or to purchase the cards, please click here to access our marketplace.

Love & Abundance cards

Ix Chel .. Quetzal Lovebirds


Sacred Mayan Birthday cards

Rainforest .. Ancient Wall .. Hidden Pyramid


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