BOOKS—and the things that go with them

There are so many ways to connect with the sacred time of the Mayan Calendar: books, DVDs, mobile apps, conversion codices, and of course incense.  We've got all that. Right here.

May we recommend two important books: Mayan Calendar Astrology and The Serpent and the Jaguar. These books give you rare, in-depth practical knowledge of the astrological meaning and usage of the traditional Mayan Tzolk'in Calendar.  Now you can live with the Tzolk'in on a daily basis, and dive deeper into understanding how your Mayan birth sign impacts your life journey, as well as your closest personal relationships.


Limited Edition Triple Pack

A limited edition triple-pack gift set: The Serpent and the Jaguar, Mayan Calendar Astrology, and the acclaimed 2012: The Beginning DVD.


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Mayan Astrology gift set

Get both "The Serpent and the Jaguar" and "Mayan Calendar Astrology" as a specially priced set—it's the perfect Mayan Calendar gift for a friend or loved one. 

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The Serpent and the Jaguar

The quintessential guide to the Tzolkin's 260 daily energies, 20 day signs, 13 numbers and 13 trecenas.  Based on authentic K'iche' traditions and practices.

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Mayan Calendar Astrology

The most comprehensive book ever written about the Mayan astrological system.  Written by Ken Johnson who has spent decades living and studying with the Maya.

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The Visionary

A poetic exploration of the role that Light and Time play in the human capacity for Vision. Inspired by true events that took place over the course of a decade.

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2012: The Beginning

The acclaimed documentary about what the Maya really think about 2012. We are guided by noted archaeologists, scholars, and the living Maya, who take us into the field—to the very origins of the Maya Long Count calendar—and into their lives and sacred ceremonies. 

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Mayan Calendar Conversion Codex

A handy Gregorian-to-Mayan date conversion tool from our friends at Mayan Majix.


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Black Maya Copal Incense

An exquisitely smooth, hand-rolled, slow-burning black copal incense from Oaxaca, Mexico. Comes in packs of 20 sticks.


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White Maya Copal Incense

An exquisitely smooth, hand-rolled, slow-burning white copal incense from San Juan Chamula, Mexico. Comes in packs of 20 sticks.


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