The Visionary





A financial analyst reconnecting with nature flyfishing in Old Mexico. A young writer struck by a ray of light grazing a stone archway in New York. Conference goers gathering with indigenous Maya and Native American elders to greet the dawn in New Mexico. Solar cells and stock markets, mobile phones and fields of corn, bees, glaciers, and oranges, Bengal tigers and the half-life of songs...

What do they all have in common?

Light and Time. Two elemental forces that unite all living things and bind them by biology, energy, progress and evolution. Two forces that impact every facet of human civilization. Two forces without which we would have no Vision.

A moving work of poetic prose, The Visionary pierces the veil of delusion and denial in which we've been drowning every aspect of our lives and shines a glaring yet guiding light onto a much simpler, deeper path.

We are also proud to announce "The Visionaries" project, the living embodiment of the fictional narrative. Included in the book in a special section as well as an online interface, "The Visionaries" presents real-life individuals who make the narrative come to life.

These are the stories of real people living their vision, people who've seen a way they could make the world a better place and acted on it: an environmental attorney working for green jobs, an app developer who wanted to take people to the stars, a college student tired of all the plastic bottles littering her community, a group of young people who turned inner city into urban garden.

Read the stories of these real-life visionaries here—or in the book.

If you prefer to read in digital format, you can get the eBook for your iPad, Kindle, Nook, or Kobo.

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