MCP Mayan Tzolkin (Android)

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MCP Mayan Tzolkin” is the Mayan Calendar Portal’s debut mobile application, inspired in part by the daily energy posts on our Facebook page that have been so enthusiastically received by our rapidly growing international community.  We built this app to enable you to connect on a daily basis with the energies of the sacred Tzolk’in calendar, and to understand the nature and meaning of the Tzolk’in’s essential building blocks—the daysigns and the numbers.

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You can now take the daily energies of the Tzolk’in with you wherever you go, without having to log in anywhere, or depend on books, email newsletters, or web sites.

What’s so special about this application?  Two things: 

Typically, other Mayan Calendar apps, as well as books and web sites, define the Tzolk’in’s twenty daysigns and the thirteen numbers individually; to our knowledge there are no compilations of the full 260 daily energies that integrate the essence and meaning of each daysign with the essence and meaning of the number that accompanies it.  This is critical, for the numbers do in fact influence the daysigns, and change the energy and power of each specific day—for example, 2 Lamat is not the same as 11 Lamat.

In addition, while other apps generally take their daysign, number and “energy of the day” descriptions from various non-Maya sources, the “Energy of the Day” descriptions in the MCP Mayan Tzolk’in are based on authentic interpretations and practices of this sacred calendar that have been made available to us by the Maya of the Guatemalan highlands.

Composed by poet, author and MCP producer Birgitte Rasine, who has been studying and living with the Mayan Calendar since 2006, each and every one of the 260 Energies of the Day has been interpreted within, and applied to, the context of modern-day life and the challenges and opportunities it brings into our lives. 

Now, for the first time, you can have at your fingertips all 260 Tzolk’in daily energies finely tuned to the realities of modern life.  

MCP Mayan Tzolk’in features: 

  • Complete set of the 260 “Energies of the Day,” each one meticulously interpreted for the context of modern-day life, taking into account not only the meaning of the daysign but also each accompanying number and the general context of the current Trecena

  • Sophisticated, beautifully rendered glyph, number and deity graphics

  • The well-known Mayan Calendar Portal Tzolk’in calendar rings, in full dynamic, interactive mode

  • Explanation of the nature, meaning and purpose of the sacred Tzolk’in, including listings of the Tzolk’in’s 20 daysigns and 13 numbers in both Yucatec and K’iche’ Maya

  • A calculator to convert Gregorian (Western) dates into Tzolk’in dates

  • Full descriptions of the 20 sacred Tzolk’in daysigns and the 13 numbers, based on the traditions of the Maya of Guatemala

  • Full descriptions of the 13 deities associated with the thirteen numbers

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Check out some of the comments our daily energy posts have garnered since the first day we began posting: 

THANK YOU!  You speak right from the bottom of my soul. This is exactly what I've been going through lately...

This couldn't be more appropriate. Thank you.

Thank you so much for the insight. I always start my day here :) 

Wow, the sync that this post has today with me, [is] completely relevant to my situation.  I really enjoy your posts MCP … this is amazing info!

This is so accurate it's scary some days... and I don't believe in zodiac and horoscopes and stuff like that usually.

I got chills reading this… something is VERY on point here...

I would just like to say thank you for the effort and energy that you extend to putting these [energies] together for our benefit at this cycle in time of our existence.

The above quotes are proactive, unprovoked comments posted on our Facebook page over the course of several Tzolk’in rounds. We never ask for testimonials, as we feel the strongest proof of resonance are those sentiments that come directly from the heart.

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