Maya Symbol Templates

The day signs (or sun signs) and numbers of the Tzolk'in calendar, and the deities associated with the numbers, hold unique and special energies. Now you can pull these sacred energies a little bit closer into your everyday life: get a beautiful tattoo of your mayan calendar birth sign combination; print your day sign on the back of your business card; design Tzolkin - or deity-inspired clothing, cards, web sites or jewelry. Allow the energy of your chosen sign to invigorate your soul and empower your life. Download any of the individual templates or the discounted package of all sun signs. Use them for your artistic skills and let the mayan deities and signs speak to you!

13 Mayan Numbers (package)


13 Mayan Numbers (package)

This package includes all 13 sacred Mayan numeral templates, done as vectors so you can generate any size or resolution that you require.  Also included are extra numerals 14 to 19, so you can construct virtually any Mayan number combination. 

Source image size: 1.66" x 2.0"
Source resolution: 300dpi
Formats: layered PSD and EPS file with vector data