Cycle of Time


Mountain View, CA
United States

In 2001, Maree Gifkins was living in the Australian outback (Charleville), studying art with a traditional aboriginal artist. Fascinated with the Mayan Calendar, she first produced a series of paintings of the signs used in the Dreamspell calendar, which she sent to us here at the Mayan Calendar Portal.  

We were instantly taken with her exquisite attention to detail, her bold, vibrant colors, and this unusual style that you simply don't see too often.  Several conversations and a dinner later, we urged her to produce a full set of daysigns, the real Mayan Calendar daysigns that the Tzolk'in calendar utilizes.  

These paintings are the result of those conversations: this is Maree's personal interpretation of the Mayan sacred daysigns, created within the aesthetic basis of the striking aboriginal design she has become a master of.

Painted on canvas with acrylic, these pieces were exhibited as the "Cycle of Time" exhibit in Australia in February 2011 and most recently in New Zealand (August/September 2011).  They are available for sale—for details please email


Click on the images below to see the larger views.


Caban / No'j
Etznab / Tijax
Cauac / Kawoq
Ahau / Ajpu
Imix / Imox
Ik' / Iq'
Akb'al / Aq'ab'al
Kan / K'at
Chicchan / Kan
Cimi / Kame
Manik' / Kej
Lamat / Q'anil
Muluc / Toj
Oc / Tz'i
Chuen / B'atz'
Eb / E'
Ben / Aj
Ix / I'x
Men / Tz'ikin
Cib / Ajmaq