Flight of the Stellar Serpent


Mountain View, CA
United States

In December of 2007, a group of seekers from Canada, the USA and as far away as Australia, joined my travel company Sacred Earth Journeys on our trip "Maya Sacred Path to 2012: Flight of the Stellar Serpent". The journey was led by a teacher of the Maya wisdom, Miguel Angel Vergara, and spiritual teacher Richard Jelusich.

The focus and intention of this journey was to offer a unique opportunity for personal transformation. Each one of us began the journey as a serpent with the possibility of being reborn. Each day, as we traveled through the sacred land of the Maya, participating in ceremonies, meditating, and visiting the ancient sites, we shed our old skin and acquired a new one. At the end of our journey each of us became, symbolically, a new Kukulkan, a feathered serpent. The essence of the feathers represents our inner spirituality and when they are connected to the serpent’s body, which represents the wisdom and knowledge of Mother Earth, we become teachers linking heaven and earth, spirit and matter.

In Palenque, we visited many of the sacred buildings including the Temple of the Inscriptions, which houses the tomb of Lord Pacal Votan. Recent studies have revealed hidden, esoteric meanings in the design of the amazing lid of this sarcophagus, or tomb.

These meanings and teachings were only meant to be “discovered” at the end-times of the Mayan Calendar, when the evolution of human consciousness was once-again capable of discerning the cues to synchronizing with natural, cyclical galactic harmonic frequencies. This is also an indication our spiritual development is such that we can surpass a mental understanding of Mayan teachings to a true awareness of our nature. Tikal, like many other Mayan sites, was a center for astronomy and the keeping of sacred calendars that marked not time, but evolution of consciousness. The stelae there offer fantastic insights into the cosmology of the Maya and the entry into the dark-rift (Galactic Mother) for the purpose of rebirth and the new coming-forth of ages.

Big thanks to Richard Jelusich and Helen Wong for sharing their photos from this journey with us!

~ Helen Tomei

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A giant stone head from the Olmec civilization, the oldest culture in Mexico, preceding the Maya.
Our group worked with a crystal skull which belonged to one of the local Mayan elders.
The Mayan site of Palenque is filled with some of the most beautiful architecture and artwork found anywhere in the Maya world
The beautiful Misol Ha waterfalls
In preparation for our ceremony at Misol Ha waterfalls
In a purification ritual at Misol Ha, we asked the Maya spirits for protection & permission to travel through their sacred lands
Crystal Skulls were used by the Maya and other ancient civilizations.
The beautiful Mayan site of Palenque
Our group learns about the teachings of the ancient Maya at the beautiful site of Palenque
Bonampak is an amazing site where original Maya wall paintings can be seen.
At Bonampak, our group learned about the symbolism and deeper meanings of the carvings and paintings.
We also learned about the meaning of this large stela at Bonampak.
Our journey took us across the Usumacinta River to Bethel in Guatemala.
Tikal was a centre for astronomy and the keeping of sacred calendars that marked not time, but the evolution of consciousness.
The stelae at Tikal offer fantastic insights into the cosmology of the Maya and the entry into the dark rift (Galactic Mother).
We are led in a ceremony at Tikal to help us connect with the energy of this sacred Maya site.
The Sacred Earth Journeys group enjoying their time in Tikal!
We cross the Usumacinta River from Guatemala back to the Frontera Corozal in Mexico.
Mayan carving at the beautiful and isolated site of Yaxchilan near the shores of the Usumacinta River.
Mayan carving at Yaxchilan
Mayan carving at Yaxchilan
Yaxchilan is considered the "The Place of the First Prophets"
We learn that many prophecies and sacred calendars originated from the special Mayan site of Yaxchilan.