Streams of Consciousness

These are the visions of Richard D. Pulito. Since childhood Rich has experienced events of a paranormal nature. Some of these events involve what we commonly call UFO’s. These experiences opened him to the magical and sometimes unnerving quantum realities that operate just outside the boundaries of the familiar physical world.

Like the Shamans of millennia ago, who recorded their journeys into the spirit world through the cave paintings of the Upper Paleolithic era, Richard captures his visions as a “stream of consciousness”  as they flow from his soul to the canvas in his attempt to express what he terms the "visitor" experience, and the deep awakening that accompanied it. It is the Artists' feeling that the coming changes are directly linked to our DNA and it is possible that the “language” of our DNA is trying to be expressed in some of these paintings.

Rich hopes that by experiencing these images it will somehow resonate with the “consciousness” of our DNA helping to facilitate a molecular level cosmic awakening… a change possibly marked by the ending of the Mayan calendar in the Gregorian year of 2012.

These are hand painted in oil or acrylic. Website coming soon:


Richard Pulito


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Birth of a Spirit Warrior
God's Flesh
Guardian of the Circles
The Mystical Madonna
The Tree of Parallel Life
Wave of Transfiguration
Alternative Universe
The Changing of the Gods
Gift of the Tetrahedron
Wings of Consciousness