The Mayan Calendar Portal is the world's leading portal web site dedicated to the Mayan Calendar.  We bring together renowned Mayan scholars, experts and authors, have a direct line of contact with the Mayan Elders in Guatemala, and support an exploding international community of enthusiasts, fans and students of the Mayan Calendar.  This community includes: 

  • avid travelers to Maya sites throughout Central America
  • fans of Maya- and native-themed merchandise and entertainment content
  • scholars, authors and scientists 
  • readers of fiction and non fiction books about the Mayan Calendar
  • ...and of course, everyone who's ever wondered what will happen in 2012! 

Our Facebook page alone is one of the largest fan pages related to the Mayan Calendar, at over 165,000 fans. Started in late 2009, the page has experienced an explosive rate of organic growth and virality and it continues strong growth even after December 21, 2012.

Our web site reaches visitors from 204 countries around the world, and our page visits and other relevant impression and CTR statistics are far above those of similar sites according to industry-standard site benchmarking tools.  Both agency network and direct advertising eCPM's have consistently demonstrated top performance.

If you're looking to showcase your products and services that would appeal to the members of our community, you've come to the right place.  You can place high-impact creative in a variety of locations on our web site and key spots in our newsletter: 

Sizes available: 

  • 728x90 leaderboard
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Our popular free email newsletter, El Quetzal, goes out each month and includes the Mayan dates of the entire month.  Sizes available: 

  • 158x250 vertical banner
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We also welcome affiliate programs that are relevant to the Mayan calendar and the Mayan culture.  For information on how to advertise or set up an affiliate program with us, please contact

Birgitte Rasine
Mayan Calendar Portal/LUCITÀ