The Trecena of 1 Ik' / Iq'

1 Ik' / Iq' — The Trecena of Communication


Ik, or Iq’ in K’iche’ Maya, represents the wind and the air in all of its forms, from warm tropical breezes to ocean zephyrs, from crackling lightning and thunder to fierce howling hurricanes.  This is the wind that sweeps clean the heart and psyche, the body and mind.  This is the breath of life that heals all negative energy and illness, be it of a physical or psychological nature, but especially if the problem stems from anger or rage.  It’s the energy of words and communication, the conception and expression of ideas. A daysign of cleansing and purification, Ik’ is the nagual of the moon and the air, of the divine breath and vital spirit of human existence.  Yet it also signifies crisis, suffering and grief, asphyxiation, sexual perversion, and failure.  Ik’ symbolizes the purity and translucence of glass, and graphically represents the T-shaped windows of Mayan temples, which served the dual purpose of determing what kind of wind was blowing by the sound it made through the window, and observing astronomical phenomena and movements of stars and planets.  The animal totems of Ik’ are the bobcat, weasel, and hummingbird.  In the Classical Maya tradition, it is associated with the cardinal direction North and the color white.  In the tradition of modern-day K’iche’ Maya, Ik’ is also one of the four Year Bearers, which shape the nature and character of the solar years they are associated with.   

On Ik’ days, the Maya ask for the strength, vital energy and perseverance and commitment to fulfill their life’s purpose and chosen profession.  This is a good day to ask for renewal and fresh winds to purify and inspire our minds, or strengthen our mental powers.  Ik’ days are also excellent for healing psychological problems and for cleansing ourselves of negative passions, sentiments, and depressions.  

For the Maya, the power of communication is the highest differentiator between the human race and other living beings; to be eloquent in our prayers and words is therefore the greatest gift we can bestow upon one another.  It is a gift that is little appreciated today, and perhaps all the more reason to remind ourselves of the power and impact of the spoken and written word, and the responsibility of integrity and honor we all bear when we promise something to someone, express our opinions, or argue for or against something.  

Communication can be verbal, visual, auditory, kinetic, sensual, emotional, psychic, or spiritual.  However you express yourself, to communicate is, in its simplest form, to be connected.  In the modern world, to be connected does not mean spending your life on social networks or your smartphone.  It means to be actively present, in your mind, body and soul, and to be aware of others, other living beings, the natural environment, your family and community, and yourself.  Regardless of whether you’re a poet or can barely put an email together, if you quiet the nonstop media machine we’re all plugged into, you’ll be able to tune into the finer, subtler frequencies of real human communication, which vibrates at a much higher and deeper level. 

Ik’, the Wind, is the breath of spirit and of life, in endless motion and endless movement, climbing miles into the stratosphere and pulling back down again, skipping across altitudes, blowing hot or freezing cold, whipping up fierce storms and lolling balmy breezes.  Ironically, Wind is as fickle as it is strong—it can change direction on a moment’s notice, or gust to a tornado from a mild breeze.  But if you are aware and tuned in, you will notice those signs and hints of change that can be short-lived—ephemeral in fact—but tell of major shifts to come.

The Wind also cleanses and purifies, sweeping clean the home that is our house, the home that is our body, and the home that is our mind and psyche.  Its gusts may be fierce and merciless, but profoundly clarifying.  They liberate and release all that is stagnant, negative, and harmful, and make way for all that is vibrant, positive, and healthy.

This Trecena is not the time for control or rules. It is a time of fluidity, experimentation, and open-mindedness.  It’s not a coincidence that the purer your mind and spirit and the healthier your body, the more clear and powerful your ability to communicate.  Be one with the Wind, and experience a different kind of freedom!



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